The Difference Between Pasta Sauce and Pizza Sauce

Whether you’re team pizza or pasta, you will never be disappointed with Lucca’s Pizzeria’s classic and unforgettable Italian sauces. We use the freshest ingredients to create our artisanal sauces, blending rich Italian flavors with Chicago tradition. Discover the difference between a pizza sauce vs. pasta sauce and what makes them so unique at our restaurant.

Pizza vs Pasta Sauce: What’s the Difference?

Fundamentally, pasta sauce uses cooked tomatoes while pizza sauce requires uncooked puréed tomatoes. Pasta sauce, which may be made using more herbs and ingredients, takes some time to simmer to enrich the flavor slowly. Also, pasta sauce comes in either chunky or smooth textures while pizza sauce generally is made smooth.

At Lucca’s Pizzeria, we make our pizza and pasta sauces using the finest ingredients and without added sugar, citric acid, or Sprite (yes, really, some restaurants use Sprite!). We use only the freshest Marzano tomatoes, picked for their deep red color, which indicates the best flavor. These tomatoes are then slowly simmered for hours, allowing their natural flavor and texture to develop fully.

Ingredients in Pizza Sauce vs Pasta Sauce

While both are classic Italian tomato sauces, they are typically made with various ingredients. Pizza sauce is generally made with fewer ingredients than pasta sauce; the fresher, the better. It uses uncooked crushed or pureed tomatoes, seasonings, and possibly some tomato paste for thickening. It is necessary to use raw tomatoes as the sauce will cook while in the oven’s intense heat.

In comparison, marinara sauce, pasta sauce, or red sauce typically calls for tomatoes, onion, and herbs like basil, oregano, and garlic. Meat is often added to the marinara sauce, depending on preference.

How to Cook Pizza Sauce vs Pasta Sauce

The sauce’s intended purpose affects how it is prepared, cooked, and stored. When making pizza sauce, the ingredients are blended and then sandwiched between the uncooked dough and cheese for pizza. Since it will be cooked at very high temperatures, it’s best to have raw sauce to avoid overcooking.

On the other hand, pasta sauce is added to the already-cooked pasta. It typically has slightly more water (especially when using crushed tomatoes), so it turns out thinner. Pizza sauce needs to stay on top of the dough and needs to be thicker as a result.

Taste the Best Sauces at Lucca’s Pizzeria

Come experience the flavors of Italy with the traditions of Chicago when you try our delicious dishes. From meat lovers to vegetarian, gluten-free options, and more, we have something everyone will love. Visit Lucca’s Pizzeria today!

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